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Maths Grade Raiser Days

An interactive, informative and fun, Maths GCSE revision experience

*KS4 students * C/D borderline * Max 30 students * Full day workshop

What is it?

Our clear, entertaining and compelling, full day Maths grade raiser days are the ideal solution to help your students secure their target grade. They go down extremely well with all schools as an alternative learning experience for students who are preparing for their final Mathematics GCSE exams. Your students will spend the day in the company of a highly qualified Maths expert and young Maths ambassador who both have a wealth of experience delivering these sessions.

What’s its purpose?

The aim of the full day workshop is to rebuild student confidence by making them believe in themselves and by showing them that they are capable of reaching their potential. This aim is achieved through visual, audio and kinaesthetic learning, complimented with specific exam question techniques. Students will also be allocated a team which they will work with to pick up points throughout the day. This helps create a competitive edge which keeps students fully engaged throughout – a far different than any normal teaching lesson!

It’s a fact, as we all well know, student’s attention and focus will naturally drift away from their peers – so at this pivotal time of their school career, why not bring a fresh face into the school and try a different approach to compliment your school’s teaching?

What topics will the day cover?

  • Number
  • Algebra
  • Shape and Space
  • Pythagoras
  • Probability and Statistics

Why should you use us?

We have successfully run these for many years at schools across the East Midlands so you can be assured you will be receiving a tried and tested, well established full day workshop. Book now to avoid disappointment – don’t run the risk of missing out!

School Feedback

Please click here for Maths Feedback 2013.2014

What’s the next step?

If you would like any further information or to request an affordable quote then please call us on 0115 845 6404

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